Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baking is cheaper than clubbing

I think I found a new addiction lately.

No, not drugs or some other destructive habits. Instead of 24-hour of (almost) nonstop gaming, there's a new, one, baking. Maybe It's because the new-secondhand electric oven my mother bought, maybe I read too many mouth-watering food blog, or maybe it's just pure because I'm drop dead bored. I found love at stirring dough. And licking it too. There were moments when I'm able to escape from my boring thesis (yes, I'm still a student hey Y'all!) and to curb my anxiety.

Ready To Bake!

Over-baked cookies (hey, this is my first baking experience anyway,okay?)

So, as a very beginner (maybe after thrice practices, I'm calling myself a novice? ;) ) baker, I bake the easy one, like oatmeal cookies, cake mix cookies, and the last one I tried the pound cake. Yeah, I'm very proud of myself (pat on my shoulder). I used to playing games, whether it's PC games or online ones. But lately I'm kinda bored with the boy's world. I thought baking or cooking is something related to a woman, an old motherly one, but after read pretty many recipes blogs, it seem home-cooking is a trend right now, and I have to admit it's kinda addictive. I'm officially addict.

Oh, the timer's just beeping. See ya.

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