Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nimue Smith


I stumbled upon this image of Nimue Smith, a dutch model. She's beautiful, and I believe everyone agree with me. What hit me about her look is her face, I found her face very symmetrical. Noticeably symmetric. Rare people has those symmetrical face, and if they do, they'll automatically called beautiful. None person has 100% symmetric face, even Nimue, but when I compare the left and right side with the original pic of her, the result, well, I believe everyone's agree that it's Nimue, with slightly different hair style and lighting. 

I watched somewhere (again, I forgot where was it came from, pardon me, such documentary clip I completely forgot exactly), the more symmetric your face be, the more people will call You beautiful. Mostly happen to beautiful woman and man alive. How to test it, is simply by crop half left of your face picture (should be up front and better close up shot), copy it, and transform it horizontally. Do exactly the same with Your right side, and voila! Compare those two with the first original pic, and I believe You'll be as surprise as I am (Such explanation why I'm not on The Most Beautiful People List). Sometimes, You barely recognize the second or the third picture. That's completely normal actually, except You're Nimue, or Elizabeth Hurley.

The Original Photo of Nimue Smith

The Right Side

The Left Side. 
Not so different. You're really are beautiful, girl!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Girl Hot Versus Guy Hot


Ok, comparing isn't good for our mind's health, unless it's not us being compared. I read in magazine, teen magazine aka Teen Vogue, that women can't be labeled only as hot. There should be girl's hot and guy's hot. Difficult to explain -or re-read the magazine again because I borrowed it- but easier with examples. The  character pops in my mind are Blair and Serena, with their representative style (my opinion) describing girl and guy hot. Blair is girl hot, and Serena is guy hot (again, my opinion). According to what stylist opinion, Blair style consist mainly of dresses, skirt, tailored classic pieces, pops of color, girly details (lace, bow), and tons of accessories. Serena, on the other hand, consist mainly of well cut blazer, skinny jeans, boots, dresses (According to, not me).


Real life women equally the same, and two women presenting the girl hot is Nicole Richie, and the one as guy hot is Kim Kardashian. Their style are pretty much the same as I described Blair and Serena above. You know, when you adore Nicole so much for her candid outfit, party outfit and you thought she's oh-so-chic, but your boyfriend said "Mehh!". It's kinda like that. We've crush in another girl many times because their sense of fashion and their coolness, rather than adoring (I'd better say envy) their sexy legs or D-cup boobs, no? So, in my opinion, guy hot' girls are more to their attitudes and body shapes. Attitudes as revealing or tight clothes, I-don't-give-a-shit look, and cool and confident-ness, it shape you as a guy favorite. Girl's, like a matchy-matchy style, head to toe accessories, which means nothing to a guy's eyes (they're pretty blind for fashion and trends). Guy only look for boobs, legs, ass, face, clothes that won't hide those all, than said "wow she's HOT!". That simple, that shallow, but that's the way it is. They're shallow visual creatures. And we married them.

The point is, if you're on the mall going shopping or having lunch date with friends, which one mostly stare at you? Girl or Guy? If it girl, than you're girl hot, vice versa. If both of them look at you, you may be appealing to both sexes (Or you're just beautiful, or a celebrity, or celebrity look alike, congratulation).

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear Photograph

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Projects I'm gonna make myself, soon,ASAP.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Last time

My last days as a student. Two years just past, and in the next months I have no idea where life will take me. I could be a professional lecturer or a not-so-domesticated housewives, or maybe something else.

One thing for sure I'll miss dormitory life, those good ol' days.