Monday, April 18, 2011

Coco Rocha

Sure You don't wanna share me some?

Coco Rocha. This Canadian beauty is my all time favorite model.

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Fashion and Food never mix

That's the rule. When you want these muscles and bones show off, you can kiss goodbye to cakes, chips and another 'poisonous items' in the little black book of supermodel-diet. And please be a little absent-minded too when it comes to food ("Oh, I completely forget having lunch, I was just very busy shopping!", "Did I eat today? Umm, I really don't remember", "Eat? Eat what?) 

I don't mean to be that sarcastic, just the extreme examples. That's why those shopping malls usually build food courts/restaurants separate from the boutiques, each got their follower, and rarely support each other.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

La Dolce Vita

Random pics. Because life's too short to be wasted. Play more games, read more books, and drink plenty of water. Oh, and don't take your life so seriously. No else does.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Modesty is a Policy

source: Mango, NatalieoffDuty, StyleScrapbook

Calf-length skirt is back! Do you guys think it's a yay or a nay? I, personally, love this trend, they are classic, lady-like, and versatile. You can stride for 60 cm at a time without worrying whether your  panties peepin' or not. Your parents won't complaint about how 'little' the garment you wore, and You don't to shave/wax that often (waxing is painful and committal to me!). Anyway, this skirt length makes your (well, maybe me) life much easier. Big yay for me!

Oh, and no body's gonna mock you for being a geek/old fashion/blabla girl. Because, hey, it's in the trend now, no? 


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Isabeli the lovely

Isabeli Fontana for MANGO

Oh so Ch - Ch - Chic. I think thats's how a young woman should dress. At least how I wish I was.

Baking is cheaper than clubbing

I think I found a new addiction lately.

No, not drugs or some other destructive habits. Instead of 24-hour of (almost) nonstop gaming, there's a new, one, baking. Maybe It's because the new-secondhand electric oven my mother bought, maybe I read too many mouth-watering food blog, or maybe it's just pure because I'm drop dead bored. I found love at stirring dough. And licking it too. There were moments when I'm able to escape from my boring thesis (yes, I'm still a student hey Y'all!) and to curb my anxiety.

Ready To Bake!

Over-baked cookies (hey, this is my first baking experience anyway,okay?)

So, as a very beginner (maybe after thrice practices, I'm calling myself a novice? ;) ) baker, I bake the easy one, like oatmeal cookies, cake mix cookies, and the last one I tried the pound cake. Yeah, I'm very proud of myself (pat on my shoulder). I used to playing games, whether it's PC games or online ones. But lately I'm kinda bored with the boy's world. I thought baking or cooking is something related to a woman, an old motherly one, but after read pretty many recipes blogs, it seem home-cooking is a trend right now, and I have to admit it's kinda addictive. I'm officially addict.

Oh, the timer's just beeping. See ya.