Friday, April 23, 2010


Hello to Everyone who read this.

It's been almost a year since I moved to Bandung. How fast the time passed by?

Gedung Sate

A view from a sunday bazaar next to my house. Lovely market, with bunch of cheap but lovely stuff. For those who never been there, I strongly recommend it! Or you'll be so sorry. Haha.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Rainy-rainy day, just don't go awayy..

Found this beautiful pic I forgot from where. I don't feel well, just wanna crawl in bed all day.. I think I'm gonna catch some flu, but while the viruses work, They left me completely bloated on the face. Especially my eyes..

Sore throat also. Ahhh, I'm sick mom.. Maybe I'm homesick?? *sigh*
Keep your health in check kids, it's not fun at all getting sick alone. Agh.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

in the small zoo

Today me and my friends went to the zoo. It's a very small one here, only popular animals  with small amount available here. So basically what we gonna do instead of taking pictures also killing a 'really spare time' in the really long weekend. The pictures taken herevare 100% amateur, and in some frame where there's four of us, we definitely using self-timer, running around in 10 seconds-shutter.

We're all the way tired and sweating, but because no people (we can trust or feel comfortble with) in the zoo could be asked for help taking pics.

this was the outfit-look
a cute hippo-butt. Look like human's but isn't it??

tired-me and a wandering Llama

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This morning my mom asked me to buy a portable stove with her. As I changed my clothes, it was raining outside. My thought was, we go by car, so there's no need to be wet nor waiting for the rain to stop. We hop to the car, and there we go.

Apparently, mu thoughts of rain's completely wrong! It's getting heavier and heavier, and because we were using sedan-type, my mom kinda freaked out the engine will soaked and trapped in the water, and just turned off. We'll trapped in the middle of nowhere, or probably the tires gonna slip (because I couldn't see the sidewalk) and etc. etc..

Whoa, to be honest, so do I, mom.  

You can swim here if you want

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

angie doesn't need heavy make-up

I was learning how to put fake eyelashes myself yesterday without guru. And I realized how difficult it is! Completely use the wrong step-by-step.  Instead of put the falshies first, I put my eyeliner after it. The result was blotchy black liner, weird. Wonder wether my friends noticed my amateur-eyes? :p

The image I want to accomplish was Angelina Jolie, because she never look to 'done' even in big events such Academy Award. My question is: why didn't I search for tutorials-yesterday not today-, on you tube perhaps? Why why why??

this is my soon-to-be-achieved look

Mine wasn't bad, but the fake-lashes thing really ruin my whole look I guess. Need more practice, and I'm gonna do it with the help of tutorials on you tube. Oh, and buy some eyeshadow brush necessaried!

Here's the helpful tutorial I found;

Everything seem sooooo easyy..

OK that's it. 
Now I'm goona jump in my car and go get those black shadows..

Monday, April 12, 2010

Shawty doesn't need anymore Shorty

Didn't touch my blog at all for several months. apparently got nothing to do, but.. just not in da mood. Lately I'm obsessed with another blog, been surfing like mad.

However, i got to write something here. So here I go with few things happened lately. I moved to new place, got more freedom than I used to.. That's cool, unless that I realized I have to struggling for public transportation! I can't afford taxi all the time, so I use angkot instead. And LOTS of walking.

When I'm off to school, my face never look pleased, eh?

My hair grow, it start to look like a bob version, soften my features. And balanced my height! I'm not that tall, but among my friends, yes I do towering them.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I just found out why some girls with long hair cry when they get their crown cut. I thought that was super-silly, that hair can grow back indeed. But I was wrong. Even tough I knew I'll get my hair back in 12 months, I can't keep my tears from falling. And I know, NEVER make fun of those fresh-cut-crying girls, just so you know.

I start to love my new do, get used to it. It's kinda differ me from all those shaggy-long hair that almost 80 percent women own out there. And anyway, it will grow, hopefully getting longer by next year's valentine. I can style it in buns, braid, straighten it, or make it afro. Or, I'm gonna have another short hair, because I'll be falling in love with crop style. I don't know, and everything could change.