Wednesday, December 23, 2009

paris van java

After a post graduate moment, job hunting chaos, well.. I decided to get master. Not a bad choice, despite my future job depends entirely on my future master.

Ok nuff for chit-chat. I'm a teenager no more, so what people will think while seeing an adult (in this case, me) wear head to toe fashionable clothes for day times? hubba-hubba. As if I'm gonna wear any very fashionable stuff. I wear ordinary clothes to college!

I can't say what kind of style that pic was. It's just me who pick anything clean or dry, because i do my own laundry, baby!

This kind of short post. See ya.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Subtle Mrs. Moder/Mrs. Roberts

Lovely Mrs. Minogue

The cool Mrs. Diaz

Those are my top-3 fav looks for going to college. Geez, I just realized it wears by middle-aged woman! Not to say it was bad or slouchy neither, but now I know why many people misunderstood about my age (hah). That's because I did dressed like mature woman.

I prefer seeing celebs in street style, and I HATE when a star is overdressed, while she might go to flea market or grab starbucks, for example. People don't do that in real life, man.. We put our jeans, worn t-shirts, non-designer bags and non-designer flip-flops to go hunting used-stuff, by the hope it helps bargaining(in here, you must go haggler). If you dressed like supestah, the price won't reduce!

Oh, and last thing I learned is, when you look good naked, (almost) whatever the look you pulled off will look, well, good too. That's why model/actress can look cool without being to 'busy' with their style. Just stunning!