Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I just found out why some girls with long hair cry when they get their crown cut. I thought that was super-silly, that hair can grow back indeed. But I was wrong. Even tough I knew I'll get my hair back in 12 months, I can't keep my tears from falling. And I know, NEVER make fun of those fresh-cut-crying girls, just so you know.

I start to love my new do, get used to it. It's kinda differ me from all those shaggy-long hair that almost 80 percent women own out there. And anyway, it will grow, hopefully getting longer by next year's valentine. I can style it in buns, braid, straighten it, or make it afro. Or, I'm gonna have another short hair, because I'll be falling in love with crop style. I don't know, and everything could change.