Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pumpkin pumpkinny

This afternoon I tried a cereal instant drink for breakfast, and instead of the chocolate one I use to drink, I bought the pumpkin flavor. Weird, I know. I just read somewhere that pumpkin is so damn delicious, and while I was browsing through the aisles in the grocery store, I impulsively picked this instant cereal. They come in bulk (20 sachets each bag), so in case if hate the taste, I'll throw the rest 19 sachets somewhere (but most likely donate it to my brother who basically eats anything!) 

Small Pack o' Pumpkin goodness

Very healthy, eh?

And the taste testing begin. Whoa, this 'lil stuff is good, really. Pretty strange at first, because I never tried pumpkin before, but good. As if you sprinkle some parmesan cheese in your vanilla drink. Sweet and salty, but in a good way. Well, at least I now know what Justin Bieber means with never say never. Ahaha. Can't wait trying the next flavor, but definitely NOT the red dates one (because it'll trigger appetite! As if I need any!), nor the carrots. Yikes.

Catcha ya latah!

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