Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Modesty is a Policy

source: Mango, NatalieoffDuty, StyleScrapbook

Calf-length skirt is back! Do you guys think it's a yay or a nay? I, personally, love this trend, they are classic, lady-like, and versatile. You can stride for 60 cm at a time without worrying whether your  panties peepin' or not. Your parents won't complaint about how 'little' the garment you wore, and You don't to shave/wax that often (waxing is painful and committal to me!). Anyway, this skirt length makes your (well, maybe me) life much easier. Big yay for me!

Oh, and no body's gonna mock you for being a geek/old fashion/blabla girl. Because, hey, it's in the trend now, no? 


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