Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grad day

I took my master in design and finished it on 2011. The last period of my single life. It's funny how you browse into old photos, and the memories flood back. After the grad, I got back to my home town, started being assistant to some of my senior lectures, sit-in at the class, and then start lecturing. I called my first (and still!) experience entering class as a stand up comedy. Amazing how I should overcome the nervousness being in front of student crowds, in short age span with me. Felt like I'm the smarty pants standing babbling trying to get attention from the kids. Sometimes, there were my seniors, and it brought awkward moment for us, I believe, what they should call me? miss? mam? my name? (Calling only one's name is improper here, though). 

It makes me grin to remember those moments, but got the chance to study a further more, becoming friends with new people, and studying another language is a golden moments, and brought something more to learn. At least for me. 

Before the graduation

The main event

Can I say, 'The after party'?

Fyi, I'm me the tallest girl in the group. See ya.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


What so smelly??

And a quick post while I did some meeting a week ago. Bringing my baby by my side. Not even a clear picture, no purpose intended, just a snap in between. The meeting was boring, just so you know. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

When will I be myself again?

Seriously, almost 3 months after giving birth, I feel like my weight stuck. Really stuck, 10 kilos heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. I nurse my baby, so I know it's better to go with the flow, watch-what-you-eat than skipping meals, but still, deep down in my heart, i want to wear my old burgundy jeans again. Because, you know, they're in right now. But those things only fit around the tights, no less. Ha.

I wonder what makes Miranda so skinny before and after giving birth. Even when she is still pregnant. Life is a little bit unfair sometimes. And fyi, I do have a mama crush on her. I'm currently file almost all her picture I got in the internet. I'm such a stalker. Hot mama stalker. Anyone out there who has cool blog and cool kid and cool style, I'd stalk your blog. Muhhaha. 

The moral of this post, is how I wish I was able to wear my burgundy jeans right after the delivery. And those extra 10 kilos to just swoosh away. Eh, maybe wearing a red jeans will be delightful, after I shed the tights' fatty fat.

I'm coming soon updating the weights, if there's any good news to be updated.

See ya.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Post for This Year

This year, I'm gonna start it by becoming a mom, to a girl who's apparently loves throwing tantrum, even at the 2 months old of age. Parenthood ahead seems very exciting, I slowly regain from sleep deprivation madness, and start adapting to my baby's daily schedule (hope she's adapting ours, too). 

baby happy in beanie

It's been two months since baby's here. Happy two months old, baby! Can't wait to tote you around, accompanying me for shopping, girl talk and so on. 

Until then. See ya.