Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This morning my mom asked me to buy a portable stove with her. As I changed my clothes, it was raining outside. My thought was, we go by car, so there's no need to be wet nor waiting for the rain to stop. We hop to the car, and there we go.

Apparently, mu thoughts of rain's completely wrong! It's getting heavier and heavier, and because we were using sedan-type, my mom kinda freaked out the engine will soaked and trapped in the water, and just turned off. We'll trapped in the middle of nowhere, or probably the tires gonna slip (because I couldn't see the sidewalk) and etc. etc..

Whoa, to be honest, so do I, mom.  

You can swim here if you want

Imagine how a sedan can go trough this 'small pool'???

Sooo.. That was the scenes. We came home buying nothing, even we can't get into the stove-store because the parking was overcrowded also. Let's say it's a mid-morning ride with whining mom,hihi. Tomorrow I'm leaving mumsy's house. Must packed, even there's nothing to packed. I brought few clothes and a pair of jeans only, which can be done in one grab only, I guess.

Prepare for boots. Maybe own a pair or two won't hurt. I mean rain boots, not Ugg's.

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