Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I just found out why some girls with long hair cry when they get their crown cut. I thought that was super-silly, that hair can grow back indeed. But I was wrong. Even tough I knew I'll get my hair back in 12 months, I can't keep my tears from falling. And I know, NEVER make fun of those fresh-cut-crying girls, just so you know.

I start to love my new do, get used to it. It's kinda differ me from all those shaggy-long hair that almost 80 percent women own out there. And anyway, it will grow, hopefully getting longer by next year's valentine. I can style it in buns, braid, straighten it, or make it afro. Or, I'm gonna have another short hair, because I'll be falling in love with crop style. I don't know, and everything could change.

This is my hair right now. I know, I know, it's such a mess to put such a picture here.. But that's okay, I'll take the risk. Everyone has thier bad days, so do I.

New obnoxious do

This was my first crop. My sister cut it, and to be honest it was disaster. She's not graduating from her diploma yet, but bravely chop my entire head. She successfully turn my style into pure mullet. What in the world a girl would have MULLET?? No wonder I cried. *sigh*

Experimenting with hair is fun, especially when it's not YOUR own hair. While I got no hair to experiment with, I think it's just faith. I'm currently experimenting with how I' gonna style it, and once I find the perfect one, I'm gonna put it here soon.

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