Tuesday, April 13, 2010

angie doesn't need heavy make-up

I was learning how to put fake eyelashes myself yesterday without guru. And I realized how difficult it is! Completely use the wrong step-by-step.  Instead of put the falshies first, I put my eyeliner after it. The result was blotchy black liner, weird. Wonder wether my friends noticed my amateur-eyes? :p

The image I want to accomplish was Angelina Jolie, because she never look to 'done' even in big events such Academy Award. My question is: why didn't I search for tutorials-yesterday not today-, on you tube perhaps? Why why why??

this is my soon-to-be-achieved look

Mine wasn't bad, but the fake-lashes thing really ruin my whole look I guess. Need more practice, and I'm gonna do it with the help of makeupgeek.com tutorials on you tube. Oh, and buy some eyeshadow brush necessaried!

Here's the helpful tutorial I found;

Everything seem sooooo easyy..

OK that's it. 
Now I'm goona jump in my car and go get those black shadows..

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