Thursday, January 24, 2013

When will I be myself again?

Seriously, almost 3 months after giving birth, I feel like my weight stuck. Really stuck, 10 kilos heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. I nurse my baby, so I know it's better to go with the flow, watch-what-you-eat than skipping meals, but still, deep down in my heart, i want to wear my old burgundy jeans again. Because, you know, they're in right now. But those things only fit around the tights, no less. Ha.

I wonder what makes Miranda so skinny before and after giving birth. Even when she is still pregnant. Life is a little bit unfair sometimes. And fyi, I do have a mama crush on her. I'm currently file almost all her picture I got in the internet. I'm such a stalker. Hot mama stalker. Anyone out there who has cool blog and cool kid and cool style, I'd stalk your blog. Muhhaha. 

The moral of this post, is how I wish I was able to wear my burgundy jeans right after the delivery. And those extra 10 kilos to just swoosh away. Eh, maybe wearing a red jeans will be delightful, after I shed the tights' fatty fat.

I'm coming soon updating the weights, if there's any good news to be updated.

See ya.

1 comment:

  1. 10 extra kilos away...well, sure you look perfect with your baby and that burgundy jeans sure it fits you fine ;) whether with 10 kilos less or not

    kind regards!!

    P.D: congrats for your kid, is so beautiful