Saturday, January 21, 2012

Please come home, Garfield.

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Can't believe that this is happening, I lost my kitten. Not that he ran away himself, instead, I somehow accidentally let him go. One day on my way to the train station to take my dad, in a crowded intersection I heard a rumbling noise below my car, and suddenly a cat -that sparkled a thought 'hey, it look like Garfield, but no way that it is him'- crossed the street running. Three days later, I just realized that Garfield, which only 7 months old is gone, not just went to play around like sometimes he used to. And I responsible for this. And it's true that the cat running across the crowded traffic that day was Garfield, my cat. That he was sleeping below the car, didn't hop like he used to when I open the garage door. He was carried by me, and finally escaped, scarily, about 1 mile away from home.

It's been 3 days I've been looking around for him, and I found nothing. No signs of my lovely Garfield. I can't believe this is happen, and I keep wondering how he's going now. Is he fed already? Is he cold? Looking at the cat images above, and everywhere, make me teary-eyed and feel so guilty, down in my dumps. 

Hope you're okay out there, and please come home. 


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